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Howdy Not sure if there’s gonna be a forum reset or however it’s all sorted because it’s only early days but I figured I would be nice to at least say gday

I used to go by Runecrafting way back when and had a more or less failed period as a developer because I can’t say I committed to it. Just being honest, I had multiple 200M skills and was working on the last handful after a short break but there was an ECO/ACC reset so I lost some drive. Before I knew it ASL left us and I’ve been waiting for the return since Elderscape (Sorry if that’s rude)

I come from mopar, frugoo, dodian, jsrii, jinrake, roguex, delta, battlescape, exorth, emps-scape & the wild west of silabsoft where RSPS sites were just a list of no-ip address and their online status.

Bit of a self proclaimed old dog, the community has always been so tight knit and lovely even for a lurker like myself so I look forward to maybe sharing progress in the future. Appreciate you guys/gals/thems & happy holidays

blj - James

December 22, 2021, 08:12:06 AM

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