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July 03, 2020, 06:14:04 PM by 👑Mod Brad | Views: 1227 | Comments: 3

Hey Guys,

I figured it was time to give an update as to whats been going on. For the last few months I've been struggling with Severe Anxiety, and Panic Attacks. At first, I thought there was something wrong physically with myself, and not mentally. However, a little over a month ago I got diagnosed with Anxiety, and subsequently Panic attacks. I was put on a medication to help curb this attacks, and get myself to a "normalcy". However, because I was struggling I decided to stop developing. Which at the time I thought was the right thing to do, Which it was. However, what was not the right thing was leaving the community in the dark.... Today I decided it was time to let the community know what was going on. I want to apologize about my lack of activity for the last few months, I have been struggling, and took it out on the server. That's done today. Without further ado, planned content changes :)

The future of Allstarlegends has been weighing on me for quite some time, and I have finally decided a course of action to start getting ASL into a better state. In the coming weeks we will be having our next major update. This should include: Costume System, The removal of Coins and 100m Certs for a new currency,  New(another one) Shop System, New(never before seen) Donation Store, New Donation Rewards, Donation Milestones, a few Bug Fixes, and the Removal of PvP armours from all areas of the game until I re-release them approx. a week after that.

Other updates coming in the near future: Ironman Mode, Customizable Icon System(change your icons based on ranks/icons bought), Dynamic Hp overlay system(change your Hp overlay, and Bar based on things unlocked/Purchased through new donation store), Donation Perks(a semi-p2w system), and Finally the Big one Overhauled Combat, and Pathing systems.

Again I would like to apologize about everything since January of this year. The future is coming, and were here to build a better server. Not regress into something worse.

Much Love,

-The Allstarlegends Development Team: Brad and Dylan(Setis)

P.S Dylan will have files to start developing again soon ;)
February 27, 2020, 10:11:47 PM by 👑Mod Brad | Views: 5786 | Comments: 9

Hey Guys, Sorry about constantly delaying this update. it was a massive one, and took a lot to get to where were at. There is quite a few bugs that have cropped up from this update, and for that I am truly sorry. Please bear with me whilst I get these things fixed.

Limited Edition Items

  • These items will be available for one month then never be sold again!
    ~Added Blue, Black, Purple & Pink, and Red & Green Candy canes for $1 each
    ~Added Lava, Snowing, Water, and Rainbow animated textured sleds for $15 each
    ~Added Christmas Tree, Present, Ice, and Snow textured sleds for $10 each (Non-animated)
    ~Added Sled for $5

Client Modifications

  • Updated Login Screen graphics
  • Added a new sprite loading system. To be expanded to interfaces. This should fix issues on mac client.
  • Removed iconic flames from drawing
  • Updated how players crowns draw (Gamemode > Staff > Donator)
  • Updated packaging of client
  • Added new cache downloading system
  • Updated naming of variables to correct name.
  • Minimap Dot Drawing(Players, and NPC) should be correct now
  • Updated our Graphics loading system:
    ~All in One Tool included for packing new graphics
    ~Graphics packed work on Mac Clients
  • Christmas Client:
    ~Variable for setting Christmas Client
    ~Christmas Client textures water as ice
    ~Textures swamp water as a greenish ice
    ~Snow has fallen through ASL. The Desert, and the wilderness are the only locations without snow. Houses, and most things with roofs will not have not have snow inside.
  • Increased amount of textures loaded

General Changes

  • Updated the Inventory models of a few pets
  • Added Easter Bunny Pet(Unreleased until Easter)
  • Reduced level required to make Dragonfire Shields to the correct Level of 90
  • Using a bone an a altar will now automatically use bones on altar
  • Moved Callisto spawn to an unsafespottable area.
  • Made some changes to how ranged max hit is calculated in PVP Encounters:
    ~Toxic Bow and OCB now have
  • Wrote a System that Automatically updates all old ranks to the new ones
  • Quest Tab no longer refreshes each game tick. Instead click the Refresh button

Hunter Re-Work

  • Added Butterfly Catching. Same base experience as OSRS
  • Added Impling Catching. Same base experience as OSRS
  • Added Dynamic Hunter Pet, Rate based on different activities throughout the hunter skill
  • Wrote the main handler for impling jars. All jars Un-openable atm, until item pools are coded for jars
  • Created a delay system for catching both Butterflies, and Implings.
  • Wrote a rarities system for imping jar items given

NPC Changes

  • Vetion rare droprate lowered to 1:100. Meat Tenderizer 1:15000.
  • Scorpia, Venenatis, and Chaos Elemental rare droprate lowered to 1:100.
  • KBD rare droprate raised to 1:50
  • Barbarian rare droprate raised to 1:8000
  • Callisto no longer drops 100 Dragon 2h Swords
  • Changed the rates at which you obtain holy grail from npcs:
    ~Skeletal Wyvern raised from 0.80% to 4%
    ~Black Demon lowered from 2.50% to 1.33%
    ~Lesser Demon lowered from 2.85% to 0.5%
  • Winter event item (5000 / npc.maxHp) + 15. Droprate also affects the chance.
  • Stat Changes:
    ~Corrected Moss Giant Stats to 6 Max Hit, 60 Hitpoints, and 30 Defence
    ~Corrected Fire Giant Stats to 11 Max Hit, 111 Hitpoints, and 65 Defence
    ~Corrected Black Demon Stats to 18 Max Hit, 157 Hitpoints, and 148 Defence
    ~Corrected Greater Demon Stats to 10 Max Hit, 80 Hitpoints, and 78 Defence
    ~Corrected Red Dragon Stats to 14 Max Hit(Melee), 140 Hitpoints, and 70 Defence
    ~Corrected Baby Red Dragon Stats to 5 Max Hit, 50 Hitpoints, and 40 Defence
    ~Corrected Bronze Dragon Stats to 13 Max Hit(Melee), 122 Hitpoints, and 62 Defence
    ~Corrected Iron Dragon Stats to 19 Max Hit(Melee), 165 Hitpoints, and 85 Defence
    ~Corrected Steel Dragon Stats to 22 Max Hit(Melee), 210 Hitspoints, and 100 Defence
    ~Corrected Mithril Dragon Stats to 28 Max Hit(Melee), 254 Hitpoints,and 150 Defence
  • Wild Dogs are no longer aggresive
  • Reduced amount of Wild Dog spawns in Brimhaven
  • Increased the amount of all monsters (Aside from Wild Dogs) in brimhaven

Store Overhaul

  • Buy <amount> from Specialty Stores fixed. You can now purchase x1, x5, x10, and x100 of stock from Specialty Stores.
  • Specialty Stores no longer function with stock. Instead buy your amount, and if you have enough points it purchases!
  • Lots of Stores consolidated into one npc. Right click npcs to check if stores have changed.
  • Removed delays from buying and selling items
  • New Limited edition store. These items will only be available once, then never sold again. Current stock available until April 1. Stock:
    ~Added Blue, Black, Purple & Pink, and Red & Green Candy canes for $1 each
    ~Added Lava, Snowing, Water, and Rainbow animated textured sleds for $15 each
    ~Added Christmas Tree, Present, Ice, and Snow textured sleds for $10 each (Non-animated)
    ~Added Sled for $5
  • Un-Programmed rates for new items in stores is set to the price of 2.147b
  • Added Localization to shop pricing
  • Removed TzHaar weaponary from Tokkul Store

Donator Overhaul

  • Donator Naming changes: Donator is now Sapphire, Extreme Donator is now Emerald
  • Added 2 new obtainable Donator Ranks: Ruby, and Diamond
  • Donator Prices required for each rank is now changed: $5 Sapphire, $25 Emerald, $100 Ruby, $250 Diamond
  • Changed which chat crowns draw for which ranks
  • Donators now have an exclusive Experience Boost: 5% Sapphire, 10% Emerald, 15% Ruby, 25% Diamond
  • Donator Droprates changed to: 2% Sapphire, 4% Emerald, 8% Ruby, and 12% Diamond
  • Donators now have their total amount donated tracked.
  • Donators now recieve vote points based on rank:
    ~Player: 1
    ~Sapphire: 2
    ~Emerald: 3
    ~Ruby: 5
    ~Diamond: 7

Backend Changes

  • Debugging System added to nearly every packet. Can be activated live.
  • Live Updating System added:
    ~Npc Spawns
    ~Item Definitions
    To Be Added:
    ~Npc Drops
    ~World Item Spawns
    ~Npc Definitions
  • Improved item adding:
    ~New Item Adding method for Donations, Owner Issued Commands, and certain activities in game.
    ~Old Item Adding Method failsafe added. Full inventory now drops the item on the ground.
  • Drop Rate System Changed:
    ~Droprate is now a true percentile removed from your total droprate. Algorithm: Chance = originalChance * ((100 / playerDropRate) / 100)
    ~Removed old code regardarding Droprate
  • Experience System Changed:
    ~Wrote a System for players to see raw experience being added. Command is private.
    ~Removed old Refrences to Double Experience Weekend
    ~Changed Experience on Non-Combat skills to 15x OSRS
    ~Changed how experience is given with modifiers. Algorithm: ((baseExp * skillModifier(15/10) * donatorModifier * Double Experience Weekend(When Activated))
  • Skill Levels Interface:
    ~Changed the look to a custom OSRS interface.
    ~Changed how the numbers are displayed. Colors dictate negative, and positive values
    ~Changed the hover menus to have localized formatting for numbers. Example (1,000 / 1.000 / 1'000)
    ~Hover menu for total experience formatted to include K, and M for high values.
  • Dialogue:
    ~Added a Emotions System for quicker dialogue handling.
    ~Renamed variables, and packet data to proper naming.
  • Commands:
    ~Updated packaging of Commands for quicker editting.
    ~Updated Droprate, Location, and Prices commands.
    ~Refactored all commands. ::commands for players,
  • Staff Changes:
    ~Removed old staff permissions system
    ~Added Staff Privileges System
    ~Added Short Formed Naming for Global Chat purposes
  • Donator Changes:
    ~Added Doantor Privileges System
    ~Current Obtainable Ranks Are: NONE, SAPPHIRE, EMERALD, RUBY, DIAMOND
    ~Current Un-Obtainable Ranks Are: AMETHYST, ONYX, ZENYTE, TOP_DONOR
    ~Added Short Formed Naming for Global Chat purposes
    ~Added Donation Bonds for scam proof donations.
  • Daily Events System:
    ~Added in Monday-Sunday event schedule system
    ~Monday: Minigame Mondays - Double Minigame point modifier
    ~Tuesday: Tantalizing Tuesdays - 5% Increased Droprate to npc drops
    ~Wednesday: Honorable Wednesdays - Double Pk Points, and Honor Points
    ~Thursday: Slayer Thursdays - Double Slayer Points on task completion
    ~Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Wonderful Weekends - Double Experience, and Vote Points
  • Trivia Bot:
    ~Added TriviaBot
    ~50 Questions total, 15 of Which thanks to DDS Spec
    ~Question asked once every 10 minutes.
    ~2 Winners Max
    ~Repeats question if 2 people haven't answered yet

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that cause Dark Bow maxhit to be 8
  • Correct spelling of "Elvgar" to "Elvarg"
  • Dropping items no longer display's "You already have a pet following you" when dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where you had to be level 91 to enter the Godwars Dungeon
  • Fixed Refrences to "Medium Tasks" when in "Hard Tasks" dialogues
  • Fixed an issue where old Slayer Data was being refrenced
  • Fixed an isue where Magic, Range, and Melee experience gains were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue with Split Training using range giving an incorrect amount of experience
  • Agility Shortcut to Red Dragons Fixed

In Other News

  • Made changes to Mining:
    ~Rewards from mining(Gems, and Prospector) can no longer both be given on the same ore mined.
    ~Changed how gems rarity works 1:25 Chance for Uncut Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Dragonstone. 1:1250000 Chance for Uncut Onyx
    ~Changed prospector rarity. 1:500 Chance for any piece. To be updated to a piece you don't have.
  • Elvarg now requires a combat level of 40 to fight
  • Mystery Boxes now have an improved Randomization
  • Ham Robes are no longer a staff outfit. To Be Released in a future patch
  • Generals now give 5 Assault Points, Rather than 2
  • Lowered the amount of kills required between each honor point From: 5 To: 2
  • Maxhit command now shows ranged max hit as well as melee
  • Ring of Wealth now has a droprate of 1-5% each kill
  • Boss/Skilling Pets being given to players reworked to function better
  • Added new login Messages
  • Defenders are now available again from Warriors Guild:
    ~Collect Warriors Guild tokens by fighting Re-Animated Armours to start
    ~Pay 100 Tokens to enter the cyclops room each time
    ~Lose 20 Tokens per minute while in the cyclops room
    ~logging out in the room moves you outside on login
    ~Defenders drop from Bronze-Dragon

You can view a full list of changes here:

-Mod Brad
February 22, 2020, 12:00:28 PM by Boris
Views: 5461 | Comments: 0

We experienced some forum problems the past few days.
Apologies for the inconvenience.
They have now been resolved.

Forum Changes:
~We have updated to the latest SMF version of 2.0.17.
~Changed the settings back to normal that was causing forums crash
~Updated post block on portal to only display topics from News.

(click to show/hide)

-The Allstarlegends Team
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