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Tips For New Starters
« on: January 30, 2023, 04:27:59 AM »
Tips For New Starters

Please note, i do apolgise in advance for any spelling mistakes, i do struggle sometimes. If anyone can message me were i can improve that would be perfect thank you

Tip One ::train3

Train 3 is first place all new starters want to be, this because you can average 20m in under 10/15 minutes depending on how lucky you are. Mainly want to pick up two items being crystal bow being 5m and crystal shield being 2m. I would recommend picking up rune pieces, as this add upto another 1m/2m a inventory c:.
Doing this method can average about 70/100m an hour depending on droprate. Higher droprate you can average upto 150m an hour if lucky. Doing this for an hour or 2 will allow you to afford a whip costing around 100/150m

Average - 70/100m an hour

Dragon Axe
First of collect 300 of each log, this current moment of time oak logs are not needed. On completing 300 of each logs. teleport to woodcutting guild and trade all the logs in for a free dragon axe.

300 logs
300 willow
300 maple
300 yew
300 magic

Tip Two ::skilling

All skills can be profitable but skills like fishing is the most profitable. Mantas can average sell at 100 for 20/30m depending how long you wish to stand on them for. Sharks can sell for upto 100 to 10m/15m

Sharks = 76 Mantas = 91
Cooking for shark = 80 Cooking For Mantas = 94

You can use cooking as another way to make money, some people are lazy and don't want to cook them, so charge them for a cooking fee. This then leads into the tip down below

Average - 100m/300m an hour

Jobs For Money

This tip is for skillers, if you have most skills in high levels you can use this as an advantage but please be careful and don't under cut yourself with profit. Jobs for money its in the title, yell once in awhile that you are doing jobs for people.

Example == fishing jobs a player can hire you to fish for them, eg a player needs 2k mantas and 1k sharks on completing this job you will receive money. For this kind of job you would ask for around 500m/600m depending on the conversation you have with the player.

Example == Woodcutting, most people want to max. Yet if they are rich they will just pay someone to collect all the logs

Need any help don't be afraid to message Ryan in-game for help with prices

Average - 500m/1b an hour
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Jesus Christ

Re: Tips For New Starters
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Thank you for taking the time to create this awesome starter guide. This is very helpful & will help a lot of new players :)

Keep up the good work!!  8)


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