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How to dice! Official Rules.
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Objective of the Game: Get as close to 100 without [BUSTING]. Busting is going over 100.

The challenger can Hit (H) or Stay (S). Once you have placed the bet, the Host/Dicer will roll. If you roll high, 70s+ you typically want to stay. If you roll low, like 30s, you’ll want to HIT. If you keep hitting, you add your rolls together.
Ex. 1st roll: 30 - HIT - 2nd roll: 20 - HIT - 3rd roll: 35 = 85. Stay.

After you stay at your number, the Host will go through the same process.. If they bust, you win. If they beat your number without busting, you lose.

IMPORTANT: If you and the host get the same number, you have to re-do the entire game.
Remember! Once you call HIT or STAY and the host rolls, you can’t take back what you say.


This is ONE roll.
This game is played with the ::host55 command, and will automatically show who won or who lost the match.
Rolling <55 will result in the challenger's loss, whereas rolling >55 will be a win for the challenger.

Dice Duel

Both players roll, highest roll wins that round. First to win 3 rounds, wins.

Can only be played between Extreme Donator+, or you have to get an Edonor to roll for you.
Ties are a re-roll.

- Do NOT dice with invalid funds.
- Forfeiting during the game is NOT allowed.
- You MUST state and agree on the game you're playing.
- You MUST state and agree on the amount you're betting, including the variable (tickets, millions, etc).
- It is advised to always check if the player you're betting against actually has the funds.
- Stating (for example) "1b" for a game, means each party bets 1b, making the total value of the pot 2b (unless discussed otherwise).
- Dicing Donations is completely at your own risk. You will most likely be scammed and will NOT be refunded. The person scamming will be (ip-)banned.

For some more dicing games, check out this post. These matches are not officially recognized and you might not be able to get refunded in-case of scamming, so be careful!
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