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Support Guidelines
« on: January 03, 2022, 10:30:17 AM »
Hello Staff/Members of Allstarlegends!

Minimum requirements for a Support Rank:

- Must have received a recommendation from Staff.
- Mature reputation.
- Average 10-15 hours of gameplay a week.
- Have higher standards when it comes to knowledge of Allstarlegends.
- A clean record with Allstarlegends. This means you cannot have any record or little record of any mutes/bans/jails (exceptions are applicable).
- Must have English as a language.
- Must fully understand and agree on the following:
Allstarlegends Rules:
Donation Terms of Service:

Extra things that could help you become a Support/Moderator:

These things do NOT mean that you will not be accepted, but it will definitely help your cause.

- BEING ACTIVE ON THE FORUMS. This will allow the community see the way you behave, and definitely have a better understanding on the way you think.
- Keeping up to date with all the updates.
- Respecting the community.
- Becoming Staff to contribute back to the community, not playing to be Staff.
- Know what you are doing when it comes to moderation both in-game and on the forums. When "moderating" the forums, simply use the "report to moderator" option. Nothing further is needed unless given direction otherwise. Any further action will result in a issued warning if not a Global/Forum Moderator.
- Reputation (goes a long way).
- Making your Application Title as the following: (Username) Application (ex: Braxton's Application)

If you have all of these things, great!

Go ahead and apply right away for the position you wish to fulfill. Remember, being a Staff member is a responsibility, you are giving up the ability to act like a fool, and pipe up within the community. This means you cannot break any rules, respect everyone, and to not be bias towards any player in-game/forums. If we see you are, your position will NOT last long.


- Allstarlegends Staff Team


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