Author Topic: Allstarlegends Patch Notes #1.2 - Bug Fixes & Range QoL  (Read 10971 times)

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Allstarlegends Patch Notes #1.2 - Bug Fixes & Range QoL
« on: April 07, 2019, 07:58:04 PM »

Range QoL

  • Fixed range attack distances in both Pvp and Npc settings
  • Fixed an issue where last attack option would not reset, You would have to logout to use melee after attacking a player, or npc with range
  • Fixed an issue where range max attack would not calculate properly after fixing range distances
  • Fixed an issue where Ranged Strength bonuses would not calculate from both the Weapon and Ammunition

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where jad would not count towards your slayer task completed upon killling him.
  • Also fixed an issue where jad pet would not drop.
  • Fixed developers spawning under-powered npcs
  • Nerfed the attacked distances, and also buffed the attack distances of gwd bosses and minions (Its now 10 tiles)
  • Fixed issues with Armadyl and other GWD Bosses sniping you across the map.
  • Nerfed gwd bosses signifigantly, Hp reductions(closer to osrs), Damage fixes (Osrs), Attack bonuses fixes (Osrs), Defence Bonus Fixes(Osrs)
  • Rebalanced every single boss making them slightly easier.
  • Fixed mining animaton of dpick while wearing it
  • Made some changes to how anmatons work for mining
  • Removed the "Your highscores have been auto-matically been updated" from showing

-Allstarlegends Development Team
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Re: Allstarlegends Patch Notes #1.2 - Bug Fixes & Range QoL
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