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General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Braxton on January 18, 2019, 11:31:51 PM »
Rip to the people who thinks Asl V1 should stay so they won't "lose their progress."

Do not take their opinion into consideration if they believe old ASL shouldn't be touched. -.-
Website & Forum Guides / Post-Count Membergroups
« Last post by Boris on January 18, 2019, 03:33:06 PM »
In-case any of you were curious of the post-count membergroups here on Alstarlegends, here is a list:

Newby: 0 Posts
Jr. Member: 50 posts
Member: 100 posts
Sr. Member 250 posts
Full Member: 500 Posts
Loyal Member: 1000 Posts
Hero Member: 2500 posts
Divine Member: 5000 posts

If you have any suggestions, or further post count group names, please message a forum staff member!

There are 2 membergroups for account age:

Veteran 6 months
Legend 1 year
Website & Forum Guides / Forum FAQ
« Last post by Boris on January 18, 2019, 03:32:02 PM »
Just a simple guide to help you use the forums, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

My Account
How do I register on the forums?
Registering is simple. Just click on "register" along the bar at the top and then follow the instructions. You can choose any username you like, although using the same name as you do in-game will help people recognise who you are on forums.

Why register on the forums?
There are lots of benefits of registering to the forums:
You will be able to post on other player's threads: have your say in update suggestions, share your achievements, join in with community games and let people know more about you.
You can post your own topics if you have your own suggestion, if you want to sell/buy an item in game, if you need help or if you want to report another player/appeal a mute or ban.
You are able to view and join in the shoutbox chitchat if you are a registered user.
Registering will also show your activity levels on forums, which will help you if you ever decide to apply for a staff position in the future.

How do I edit my profile picture and details?
Just hover over the "Profile" tab on the top blue bar and select "Forum Profile". From here you can add a profile picture and add any details about yourself you choose. The maximum profile picture size is 150x150 pixels.

Can I add a signature to my profile?
Yes you can. Just simply write whatever you want and it'll appear as your signature. To add a picture simply type [img][/img}* and add the image location inside the Code.
*Note: The } should be replaced with a ]. Using the actual code here wouldn't show the code, and using the code for showing code is just insanely large. Sorry for any confusion.

What does the rank under my name mean on forums, and the squares underneath it?
You are able to increase your forum rank on the forums by increasing your post count, an increase in rank will increase the amount of squares showing, which show the rank count you are on.

Are there any rules to posting on forums?
Yes, there are rules: click here to read them.
Some sections also have further rules, you should check pinned topics in the section before posting to check for any section specific rules.

How do I post on a thread?
Once you are logged in, just find a post you would like to give your input on and click "Reply" at the top or bottom of the thread. Then just type away! You can preview what you have written before posting if you choose.

How do I make a new thread?
Once you are logged in, select the section that best suits your topic, enter it and click "New Topic" at the top or bottom of the page. Feel free to experiment with all the tools provided, you can check what you have written and how your formatting has turned out using the preview button before posting. Click here for the full range of colours available to use.

How do I make a new poll?
To post a poll just select "New Poll" instead of "New Topic". When writing up your poll remember to add in your question in the box provided, followed by the possible answers for votes. You can also write a post to accompany your poll and explain more about it for people to vote. Make it as clear as possible so people can accurately vote.

How do I add a picture to my post?
Start by uploading the picture to a website, such as flickr or facebook. Use that site to get the image location (right click it, and select "copy image location"). Click on the image button in the tools or type the image code shown above, and paste the link inside the code. There is a step-by-step guide here. Preview your post to check the outcome.
*Note: The } should be replaced with a ]. Using the actual code here wouldn't show the code, and using the code for showing code is just insanely large. Sorry for any confusion.

Can I bump a thread I previously posted, such as to advertise something I am selling?
Yes, you can bump a post every 24 hours.

Can I delete a thread or post after posting it?
Please so not delete your whole topic and leave it empty, this is against forum rules. If you would be a topic removed then please contact a forum moderator to help you.

Can I close a topic that I posted, if I no longer want it used?
You cannot close a topic yourself, but you can contact a forum moderator (Boris, Mod Braxton, Froggy, or Vanilla) to close it for you.

How do I private message another player or staff member?
As long as they also have a forum account, you can hover over the "Messages" tab on the blue bar, and select "Send Message".

What if I recieve a private message from another player?
If you have recieved a private message, there will be an indicator next to the "Messages" tab on the blue bar. To read it just simply hover over "Messages" and select "Read your messages". You can then read all your messages, and choose whether to reply to or forward them.

Can I talk to people also online on forums?
Yes. Just type in the live shoutbox on the forum index to talk to anyone else who is online. You can choose to have this open as a pop-up if you prefer. Please do not use any formatting other than the default, this is against forum rules.

Can I customize the forum?
Yes. You can customize the colour theme of forums how you see it by selecting a colour from the top left of the page, hover over "Hello <your name>". You can edit how you view private messages by changing your preferences in the private messages section. You can also hover over "Profile", select "Forum Profile", scroll over "Modify Profile" and look through the options available. 

Can I change the times to reflect my time zone?
Yes you can. Hover over "Profile", select "Forum Profile", scroll over "Modify Profile" and select "Look and Layout". On this page you will see an option to change your time offset, here you can select auto detect and it should change to your local time (if this isn't accurate you can type your time difference to the time showed manually).

Is there a quick way to open forums in-game?
Yes, to open forums from the game just type ::forums . You can also access some specific posts straight from the game: For NPC locations type ::locations , for current guide prices type ::prices and for item drop rates type ::droprates .

A player was being offensive in game, how do I report him/her?
You can report them in the "Appeal Account" section of the forums. Follow the format provided in the pinned post. Remember to try include proof, such as screenshots, in your report. A staff member will decide on their punishment.

I am banned/muted in game, how do I appeal against it?
If you feel you deserve to be unpunished, then find the "Report Account" section from the forums index, and start a new topic following the appeal format provided. A staff member will decide if you deserve to have your punishment lifted.

How do I apply for a staff position?
To apply for a staff position in-game or on the forums, you have to be invited by an existing staff-member. If they feel you would be suited for that rank, they will ask you to write an application if you are interested. In the "Staff Applications"-section can find the format to be used when writing an application. If you write an application without having been invited, you will be instantly denied. You should wait at least a week before applying again if you get denied, you can use this time to improve on any feedback you were given.

How do I apply for a trusted position?
If you feel you are suited for a Trusted rank, you may write an application (you don't have to be invited by a staff member). To apply for this position, go through the "Trusted Applications"-section and read all the posts. Here you will also find the format you will have to use when applying. You should wait at least a week before applying again if you get denied, you can use this time to improve on any feedback you were given.

What does my reputation mean?
If people feel you have contributed well in a post or thread they can choose to vote positively towards you. Your reputation count shows under your name ever time you post. You can choose to commend others on their contribution by clicking the "positive" under their name beside their posts.

Can I search to find a certain member or post?
Yes you can. Simply type the word or phrase you want to search into the box in the top right containing the magnifying glass, and then look through your results. For a more advanced search, click on the "Search" link in the top bar and set your parameters.

What does the "Vote" link do?
Clicking the vote link in the top bar will direct you to a list of sites to vote on in order to help improve the server, and for you to receive your voting reward. After voting on all the links provided, you will be able to choose a reward (such as 20m cash, super sets, or prayer potions), which you can then claim in game by typing ::claim or ::check (remember to type in your username when choosing your reward). You will also receive 5 voting points to save up for items from the voting store (10 if you are a donator).

Any more questions for me to add? Just comment and I'll add them in.
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Noodlenipnip on January 17, 2019, 10:49:21 PM »
Very excited for the release. 1 week, 2 weeks... i think it'll be worth the wait.
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Boris on January 16, 2019, 05:40:56 AM »
Will probably be 1 more week before Beta release. Aslv1 will shutdown and the new server will replace allstar.
Yes you can turnoff display names above head.
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Don on January 16, 2019, 03:49:47 AM »
@Braxton yet release out, maybe could be 2 more months. a-lot of work on patch, etc idk.
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Braxton on January 16, 2019, 02:42:49 AM »
Is this new version out yet? I'm either missing it or it is still in development.  I really hope there is no more Ratedpixels and no more ASLV1 PLEASE!
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by Tanner on January 16, 2019, 12:24:38 AM »
Very cool! Good work bro.

Would you be able to turn off the display of player/npc names above their heads?
General Announcements / Re: Your New Developer
« Last post by LT Smith on January 15, 2019, 10:58:33 PM »
today's updates:
- fixed a couple of shop bugs
- added player count to fairy
- added welcome message to genie
General Announcements / Donation Terms of Service.
« Last post by Boris on January 15, 2019, 04:32:22 PM »
1. Exclusive rewards are offered for your consideration into donating to AllstarLegends, you're not paying for any product(s), you are donating of free will. You are not obligated to receive anything in return other than a gift of appreciation of virtual good(s) considered as "AllstarLegends Items". AllstarLegends will not provide refunds under any circumstances.

2. You are NOT entitled to a refund for any reason. This include duplication, downtime, complete shut down, "haven't received items", loss of items in-game, or anything in that nature. Remember, you are donating for the life of the server and to continue playing and receiving better updates.

3. AllstarLegends reserves the right to remove, edit, move or close any content item for any reason.

4. You have permission to use the person's PayPal or credit card and is the age of 18 or older.

5. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, our subsidiaries, affiliates, related parties, officers, directors, employees, agents, independent contractors, advertisers, partners, and co-branders from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney's fees, that may be made by any third party, that is due to or arising out of your conduct or connection with this web site or service, your provision of Content, your violation of this Terms of Use or any other violation of the rights of another person or party.

6. You agree to give up all legal rights towards AllstarLegends when donating.

7.We AllstarLegends reserve the right to press charges, and/or hire a collection agency to re-acquire the funds, when recieving chargebacks.

8.We have the right to terminate your account at any time for any reason.

9.We have the rights to change the terms and agreements at any time.
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