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Price Guide Please remember that this is a GUIDE to help you. The prices aren't perfectly accurate and neither are you forced to follow them blindly. Prices are subject to change as the market changes, so this guide will be updated regularly.

Tip! Use ctrl+f to search for the item you're looking for.


3rd age amulet: 600m
3rd age full helmet: 800m
3rd age kiteshield: 800m
3rd age mage hat: 600m
3rd age platebody: 800m
3rd age platelegs: 800m
3rd age longsword: 800m
3rd age range coif: 500m
3rd age range legs: 500m
3rd age range top: 500m
3rd age robe bottoms: 600m
3rd age robe top: 600m
3rd age vambraces: 500m

Abyssal whip: 10m
Adam full helm (g): 5m
Adam full helm (t): 5m
Adam kiteshield (g): 5m
Adam kiteshield (t): 5m
Adam platebody (g): 5m
Adam platebody (t): 5m
Adam platelegs (g): 5m
Adam platelegs (t): 5m
Adam plateskirt (g): 5m
Adam plateskirt (t): 5m
Afro: 500m
Ahrim's hood: 30m
Ahrim's robeskirt: 50m
Ahrim's robetop: 50m
Ahrim's staff: 10m
Amulet of fury: 40m
Amulet of glory (t): 10m
Amulet of strength (t): 10m
Ancient bracers: 15m
Ancient chaps: 15m
Ancient cloak: 20m
Ancient coif: 15m
Ancient crozier: 20m
Ancient d’hide: 15m
Ancient full helm: 15m
Ancient kiteshield: 15m
Ancient mitre: 20m
Ancient platebody: 15m
Ancient platelegs: 15m
Ancient plateskirt: 15m
Ancient robe bottoms: 20m
Ancient robe top: 20m
Ancient stole: 20m
Anger Mace: 1b
Anger battleaxe: 1b
Anger spear: 1b
Anger sword: 1b
Antifire potion(4): 50k
Arcane spirit shield: 350m
Archers ring: 75m
Armadyl bracers: 15m
Armadyl chaps: 15m
Armadyl chestplate: 300m
Armadyl cloak: 20m
Armadyl coif: 15m
Armadyl crossbow: 550m
Armadyl crozier: 20m
Armadyl d’hide: 15m
Armadyl full helm: 15m
Armadyl godsword: 500m
Armadyl helm: 300m
Armadyl hilt: 350m
Armadyl kiteshield: 15m
Armadyl mitre: 20m
Armadyl platebody: 15m
Armadyl platelegs: 15m
Armadyl plateskirt (range set): 300m
Armadyl plateskirt: 15m
Armadyl robe bottoms: 20m
Armadyl robe top: 20m
Armadyl stole: 20m
Ava's accumulator: 10m

Bandos boots: 50m
Bandos bracers: 15m
Bandos chaps: 15m
Bandos chestplate: 500m
Bandos cloak: 20m
Bandos coif: 30m
Bandos crozier: 20m
Bandos d’hide: 15m
Bandos full helm: 15m
Bandos godsword: 250m
Bandos hilt: 150m
Bandos kiteshield: 15m
Bandos mitre: 20m
Bandos platebody: 15m
Bandos platelegs: 15m
Bandos plateskirt: 15m
Bandos robe bottoms: 20m
Bandos robe top: 20m
Bandos stole: 20m
Bandos tassets: 500m
Banner: 900m
Barrelchest anchor: 10m
Bearhead: 1.5b
Berserker necklace: 5m
Berserker ring: 100m
Black beret: 5m
Black boater: 5m
Black boots: 500m
Black cavalier: 10m
Black d’hide body (g): 10m
Black d’hide body (t): 10m
Black d’hide chaps (g): 10m
Black d’hide chaps (t): 10m
Black full helm (g): 2.5b
Black full helm (t): 700m
Black gloves: 500m
Black H'ween:10b
Black headband: 5m
Black kiteshield (g): 2.5b
Black kiteshield (t): 700m
Black naval shirt: 10m
Black navy slacks: 10m
Black partyhat: 750m
Black platebody (g): 2.5b
Black platebody (t): 700m
Black platelegs (g): 2.5b
Black platelegs (t): 700m
Black plateskirt (g): 2.5b
Black plateskirt (t): 700m
Black tricorn hat: 10m
Blue beret: 5m
Blue boater: 5m
Blue d'hide (g): 10m
Blue d'hide (t): 10m
Blue h'ween mask: 400m
Blue naval shirt: 10m
Blue navy slacks: 10m
Blue partyhat: 350m
Blue skirt (g): 30m
Blue skirt (t): ???? (only few in-game)
Blue tricorn hat: 10m
Bob shirt: 15m
Bolt rack: 15k
Bomber cap: 30m
Bomber jacket: 30m
Bone club: 100m
Bone dagger: 100m
Bone spear: 100m
Bronze full helm (g): 15m
Bronze full helm (t): 15m
Bronze kiteshield (g): 15m
Bronze kiteshield (t): 15m
Bronze platebody (g): 15m
Bronze platebody (t): 15m
Bronze platelegs (g): 15m
Bronze platelegs (t): 15m
Bronze plateskirt (g): 15m
Bronze plateskirt (t): 15m
Brown headband: 5m
Brown naval shirt: 10m
Brown navy slacks: 10m
Brown tricorn hat: 10m
Builder's boots: 20m
Builder's shirt: 20m
Builder's trousers: 20m
Bunny ears: 3b

Camo bottom: 20m
Camo helmet: 20m
Camo top: 20m
Citizen boots: 10m
Citizen top: 10m
Citizen trousers: 10m
Comp ogre bow: 2b
Crystal bow: 10m
Crystal shield: 5m

Dagannoth bones: 900k
Dark bow: 15m
Dark cavalier: 5m
Dark dagger: 500m
Dharok's greataxe: 40m
Dharok's helm: 40m
Dharok's platebody: 40m
Dharok's platelegs: 40m
Diamond bolts (e): 30k
Divine spirit shield: 300m
Dorgeshuun c'bow: 1.5b
Dragon 2h sword: 5m
Dragon arrow: 100k
Dragon axe: 30m
Dragon bolts (e): 75k
Dragon bones: 400k
Dragon boots: 10m
Dragon chainbody(g):400m
Dragon chainbody: 3m
Dragon full helm (g):400m
Dragon full helm: 50m
Dragon pickaxe: 500m-750m
Dragon platelegs (g): 400m
Dragon platelegs: 3m
Dragon plateskirt (g): 400m
Dragon plateskirt: 5m
Dragon sq shield (g): 400m
Dragon sq shield: 500k
Dragonfire shield: 50m
Dragonic visage: 50m
Dragonstones: 1m

Elemental shield: 125m
Elysian spirit shield: 350m
Enchanted hat: 35m
Enchanted robe: 35m
Enchanted top: 35m
Eternal boots:500-700m
Excalibur: 1.5b

Fake beak: 500m
Fancy boots: 5b
Fez: 1b
Fighter hat: 10m
Fighter torso: 20m
Fighting boots: 50m
Flared trousers: 50m
Fremennik blade: 15m
Fremennik helm: 10m
Fremennik shield: 10m

Gilded boots: 15m
Gilded full helm: 15m
Gilded kiteshield: 15m
Gilded platebody: 15m
Gilded platelegs: 15m
Gilded plateskirt: 15m
Gilded scimitar: 15m
Glowing dagger: 500m
Godsword blade: 150m
Godsword shards: 50m
Graahk headdress: 25m
Graahk legs: 25m
Graahk top: 25m
Green boater: 5m
Green d'hide (g): 10m
Green d'hide (t): 10m
Green h'ween mask: 400m
Green navy slacks: 10m
Green partyhat: 350m
Green tricorn hat: 10m
Grey naval shirt: 10m
Grey navy slacks: 10m
Grey tricorn hat: 10m
Guthan's chainskirt: 40m
Guthan's helm: 40m
Guthan's platebody: 40m
Guthan's warspear: 30m
Guthix mjolnir: 60m
Guthix bracers (d'hide): 600m
Guthix chaps (d'hide): 600m
Guthix cloak (vestment set): 30m
Guthix coif (d'hide): 600m
Guthix crozier (vestment set): 25m
Guthix dragonhide (d'hide): 600m
Guthix full helm (rune armour): 20m
Guthix kiteshield (rune armour): 20m
Guthix mitre (vestment set): 30m
Guthix platebody (rune armour): 20m
Guthix platelegs (rune armour): 20m
Guthix plateskirt (rune armour): 20m
Guthix robe legs (vestment set): 30m
Guthix robe top (vestment set): 30m
Guthix stole (vestment set): 30m

Hardhat: 10m
Healer hat: 10m
Highwayman mask: 5m

Infinity boots: 50m
Infinity bottoms: 50m
Infinity gloves: 50m
Infinity hat: 50m
Infinity top: 50m
Iron full helm (g): 15m
Iron full helm (t):15m
Iron kiteshield (g):15m
Iron kiteshield (t): 15m
Iron platebody (g): 15m
Iron platebody (t): 15m
Iron platelegs (g): 15m
Iron platelegs (t): 15m
Iron plateskirt (g): 15m
Iron plateskirt (t): 15m

Jack lantern mask: 30m

Karil's coif: 25m
Karil's crossbow: 25m
Karil's leatherskirt: 25m
Karil's leathertop: 40m
Kyatt hat: 25m
Kyatt legs: 25m
Kyatt top: 25m

Lamp (xp): 10m
Larupia hat: 25m
Larupia legs: 25m
Larupia top: 25m
Lederhosen hat: 30m
Lederhosen legs: 30m
Lederhosen shirt: 30m
Lit bug lantern: 50m
Lumberjack boots: 20m
Lumberjack hat: 20m
Lumberjack legs: 20m
Lumberjack top: 20m
Lunar amulet: 50m
Lunar body: 150m
Lunar boots: 50m
Lunar cape: 50m
Lunar gloves: 150m
Lunar helm: 150m
Lunar legs: 150m
Lunar ring: 50m
Lunar staff: 90m

Mage's book: 50m
Magic logs: 20k
Magic secateurs: 1.5b
Magma helmet: 3b
Magma helmet (un-charged) 2b
Malediction ward: 50m
Manta ray (cooked): 50k
Manta ray (raw): 25k
Master wand: 50m
Meat tenderiser: 1.2b
Menaphite top: 1b
Mime boots: 500m
Mime gloves: 500m
Mime legs: 1b
Mime mask: 1b
Mime shirt: 1b
Mind shield: 300m
Mithril full helm (g): 15m
Mithril full helm (t): 15m
Mithril kiteshield (t): 15m
Mithril kitsheild (g): 15m
Mithril platebody (g): 15m
Mithril platebody (t): 15m
Mithril platelegs (g): 15m
Mithril platelegs (t): 15m
Mithril plateskirt (g): 15m
Mithril plateskirt (t): 15m
Moonclan body: 1.5b
Moonclan boots: 1b
Moonclan cape: 1.5b
Moonclan gloves: 1b
Moonclan hat: 1.5b
Moonclan helm: 1.5b
Moonclan skirt: 1.5b
Morrigan's coif: 500m
Morrigan's leather body: 500m
Morrigan's leather chaps: 500m
Mourners boots: 25m
Mourners cloak: 30m
Mourners gloves: 30m
Mourners top: 25m
Mourners trousers: 25m
Mud battlestaff: 100m
Mudskipper hat: 2b
Mystery box: 10m

Noose wand: 1.5b
Nurse hat: 1.5b

Obsidian cape: 5m
Occult necklace: 300m
Odium ward: 50m
Ogre Comp bow 2b
Orange boater: 5m

Pantaloons: 25m
pegasian boots:400-600m
Penance gloves: 5m
Penance skirt: 15m
Penguin mask: 300m
Pet rock: 2b
Phoenix necklace: 10m
Pirate's hat (black): 10m
Pirate's hat (colored): 20m
Pirate’s hook: 40m
Pith helmet: 100m
Powdered wig: 25m
Primordial boots:400-600m
Pumpkin (food): 50m
Purple naval shirt: 10m
Purple navy slacks: 10m
Purple partyhat: 350m
Purple tricorn hat: 10m

Ranger boots: 10m
Ranger's tunic:250m
Red boater: 5m
Red d’hide body (g): 10m
Red d’hide body(t): 10m
Red d’hide chaps(g): 10m
Red d’hide chaps(t): 10m
Red h'ween mask: 400m
Red headband: 5m
Red naval shirt: 10m
Red navy slacks: 10m
Red partyhat: 350m
Red tricorn hat: 10m
Reindeer hat: 750m
Ring of wealth: 200m
Ring of the gods:150m
Robin hood hat: 10m
Rock-shell legs: 25m
Rock-shell plate: 25m
Rubber chicken: 30m
Rune bars: 50k
Rune defender: 10m
Rune full helm (g): 20m
Rune full helm (t): 20m
Rune hasta: 1.2b
Rune helm (h5): 25m
Rune kiteshield (g):15m
Rune kiteshield (skull): 1b
Rune kiteshield (t): 15m
Rune platebody (g): 15m
Rune platebody (t): 15m
Rune platelegs (g): 15m
Rune platelegs (t): 15m
Rune plateskirt (g): 15m
Rune plateskirt (t): 15m
Rune shield (h5): 25m
Runite ore: 30k
Runner boots: 5m
Runner hat: 10m

Sagacious spectacles: 400m
Santa hat: 1b
Saradomin mjolnir: 60m
Saradomin body (d'hide): 600m
Saradomin bracers (d'hide): 600m
Saradomin brew(4): 50k
Saradomin chaps (d'hide): 600m
Saradomin cloak (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin coif (d'hide): 600m
Saradomin crozier (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin full helm (rune armour): 20m
Saradomin godsword: 400m
Saradomin hilt: 250m
Saradomin kiteshield (rune armour): 20m
Saradomin mitre (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin platebody (rune armour): 20m
Saradomin platelegs (rune armour): 20m
Saradomin robe legs (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin robe top (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin stole (vestment set): 30m
Saradomin sword: 10m
Seers ring: 75m
Serpentine helmet 2b
Serpentine helmet (un-charged) 1b
Shadow sword:300m
Silverlight: 600m
Skeletal boots: 40m
Skeletal bottoms: 40m
Skeletal gloves: 40m
Skeletal helm: 40m
Skeletal top: 40m
Skeleton boots: 750m
Skeleton gloves: 750m
Skeleton leggings: 750m
Skeleton mask: 750m
Skeleton shirt: 750m
Skull sceptre: 500m
Slave boots: 500m
Slave robe: 750m
Slave skirt: 750m
Slayer helmet: 100m
Sleeping cap: 25m
Spectral spirit shield: 300m
Spined body: 10m
Spined chaps: 10m
Spined helm: 10m
Spirit shield: 200m
Splitbark body: 20m
Splitbark boots: 20m
Splitbark gauntlets: 20m
Splitbark helm: 20m
Splitbark legs: 20m
Staff of light: 100m
Staff of the dead: 1b
Statius's helmet: 500m
Statius's platebody: 500m
Statius's platelegs: 500m
Statius's warhammer: 600m
Studded body (g): 5m
Studded body (t): 5m
Studded chaps (g): 5m
Studded chaps (t): 5m
Super antipoison(4): 50k
Super attack(4): 50k
Super defense(4): 50k
Super restore(4): 50k
Super strength(4): 50k

Tan cavalier: 5m
Tanzanite helmet 3b
Tanzanite helmet (un-charged) 2b
Teacher wand: 30m
Team capes: 5m
Toktz-ket-xil: 10m
Toktz-mej-tal: 5m
Torag's helm: 20m
Torag's platebody: 20m
Torag's platelegs: 30m
Torags hammers: 10m
Toxic Staff of the Dead 2.5-3b
Toxic Staff of the Dead (un-charged) 1.5b
Treasonous ring:200m
Tri-jester hat: 25m
Tyras' helm: 600m
Tyrannical ring:250m

Uncut onyx: 40m

Verac's brassard: 20m
Verac's flail: 15m
Verac's helm: 20m
Verac's plateskirt: 30m
Vesta's chainbody: 500m
Vesta's longsword: 600m
Vesta's platelegs: 500m
Void knight gloves: 20m
Void knight robe: 50m
Void knight top: 50m
Void mage helm: 30m
Void melee helm: 30m
Void range helm: 30m
Vyrewatch legs: 20m
Vyrewatch shoes: 20m
Vyrewatch top: 20m

Warrior ring: 40m
White 2h: 500m
White beret: 5m
White full helm: 1.5b
White gloves: 750m
White kiteshield: 900m
White med helm: 500m
White partyhat: 350m
White platebody: 900m
White platelegs: 900m
White plateskirt: 900m
White scimitar: 500m
Wizard boots: 15m
Wizard hat (g): 30m
Wizard hat (t): 30m
Wizard robe bottom (g): 30m
Wizard robe bottom (t): 30m+
Wizard robe top (g): 30m
Wizard robe top (t): 30m

Yellow partyhat: 350m
Yoyo: 750m

Zamorak mjolnir: 60m
Zamorak body (d'hide): 600m
Zamorak bracers (d'hide): 600m
Zamorak brew(4): 50k
Zamorak chaps (d'hide): 600m
Zamorak cloak (vestment set): 30m
Zamorak coif (d'hide): 600m
Zamorak crozier (vestment set): 30m
Zamorak full helm (rune armour): 20m
Zamorak godsword: 350m
Zamorak hilt: 200m
Zamorak kiteshield (rune armour): 15m
Zamorak mitre (vestment set): 30m
Zamorak platebody (rune armour): 15m
Zamorak platelegs (rune armour): 15m
Zamorak plateskirt (rune armour): 15m
Zamorak robe legs (vestment set): 30m
Zamorak robe top (vestment set): 30m
Zamorak stole (vestment set): 30m
Zamorakian hasta: 1b
Zamorakian spear: 1b
Zombie boots: 500m
Zombie gloves: 500m
Zombie head(with emote): 1.5b
Zombie legs: 1b
Zombie mask: 1b
Zombie shirt: 1b
Zuriel's hood: 500m
Zuriel's robe bottom: 500m
Zuriel's robe top: 500m
Zuriel's staff: 1b

List of Super Rares
Dragon platebody
Gnome scarf
Gnome Goggles
Construction Cape Trimmed and Untrimmed
Frying Pan
Boxing Gloves
Fixed Device
Tribal Mask Set (white, green, yellow)
Camel mask
P-hat and specs
Gold ele shirt and pants
Black santa hat
Musketeer hat
cat mask

Super rares have not been given a price due to rarity causing the owner to determine the price. Hence why we're not able to give you an accurate price. Please note that these items are very expensive, often ranging in the 15-50b. $30 Monthly Rares are often in the 3-10b range. Sled is valued around a 10-15b range due to being a limited time rare(under one month of availability)

edit: will add more items and set prices

February 15, 2023, 09:34:39 PM
1-99 Magic guide By YoGoSuN

You can buy all the runes you need from the Magic Gear at Home

From levels 1 to 17 use Wind Strike you can train the spells on Barbarians (level-7)

From level 17 to 41 use Wind Bolt to train still use this spell on low level Monsters

From 41 to 55 now you can use Wind Blast you can do better damige with this spell train this till you hit the level 55

55 to 99 now that the Monster killing is done you can High Alch youre way to 99 use items like Magic Longbow are Amulet of Glory(4)

November 26, 2023, 02:54:53 PM
P i R U's Introduction P i R U here
Been like.. 7 or 8 years since i've played lol
Glad to be back. Made 33 PK Videos on this Server, so it's burned into my memory.
I see that it's not as popular as it used to be, but always worth playing again.

December 03, 2023, 10:24:14 PM
P i R U - Support Application Name: tMark

In-game Username: P i R U

Forum Username: P i R U

Age: 30

Who invited you to apply?: Boris

Timezone (GMT +/-): Central US

Country: USA

Main language: English

Do you speak any other languages fluently? If so which?: No

What days of the week, and times of day are you most active?: Saturday and Sunday

Roughly how many hours a week are you online?: 30-40ish

Have you had any breaks from playing since joining the server? If so, why did you leave, and why did you come back?: Played in 2015-2016. We moved into a new house, started playing Xbox more than the PC. Recently coming back because Al the Camel owes me some money. I made plenty Videos on this Server, like I said in my intro. This place is burned into my memory.

Do you plan on having any further breaks in the near future?: I'm settled in life now. I don't plan on having any breaks because this is our forever home. Too old to be moving around anymore.

Do you have any previous experience with Staff/Ranks? (Do not mention server names): Yes

If answered yes, do you still maintain these ranks? If not, why do you not have these ranks anymore? No, the laptop I used to use was old and useless. Now a days I have a way better system.

Have you ever been staff on this server? Yes

If so, why do you not have this rank anymore? Life, moving around. New job. Just didn't have the time or passion to keep going at the time.

Why do you deserve this rank?: I don't think I deserve anything, I just know that I can be an asset to the Server given the Player Base right now. Staff doesn't log in so I feel like there should be at least someone present that can help someone if a problem comes up.

What do you believe is the responsibility of a staff member? Stability. Maintaining a clean and positive environment.

Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: No

If answered yes to above, what did you do?:

If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to not only play, but to engage in Staff responsibilities in-game/forum?: yes, now that we have Discord. I can always use Remote Desktop to log in and help whoever needs it.

Are you accessible outside of game/forums if necessary? (Discord): Yes

Answer these questions as in depth as possible, assuming the player continued the action regardless of what you said.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language? I would try and understand why they are using offensive language. Did someone Scam them? Did someone say something to them first? Figure out the purpose for the language. Clearly issue a warning regardless of the case. If they don't listen.. Mute is the only option.

What would you do if you came across someone that appeared to be AFK training? I would see if they respond to me within at least a 5-10 minute window. They could have walked to the kitchen to get a drink or even use the bathroom. If i get no response by then. I would just kick them off the Server. simple really.

What would you do if a player did not pay out when dicing? Make sure they're in the wrong. Try to understand the situation. If they truly weren't paying out, I would have to ban the account. Contact Boris to check the accounts items and unban once the issue is settled.

What would you do if someone asked you to buy RS gp from them? Warn them that is against the Rules.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums? If someone is offended by the comments I would delete the comments and private message the person. Let them know if they continue they will be muted or banned from the Forums.

What would you do if a player logged on a different account to argue their punishment with you? Well the account that committed the offense is banned at this point. So them logging onto a new account wouldn't make a difference unless they're planning on committing more offenses. then we would need to proceed with an IP Ban.

What would you do if player logged in with a questionably offensive or rule breaking name? Tell them they are going to need to change names, because it's offending other people. No choice.

What would you do if someone messaged you claiming to be flamed by a player? Ask for screenshots of the FULL conversation. Once I see what I need to see. Let both parties know to add each other to the ignore list.

What would you do if a player accused you of abuse or breaking a rule? Let them know they can post the Proof on the forums and it will be handled swiftly. No point in telling me, just report it. Whoever is above me will know how to handle the situation.

What would you do if a player accused another of scamming for underpaying or taking advantage of another player? Try to tell them to do their research before making any kind of purchase. If they truly didn't know they were being underpaid, I would try to compensate out of my own pocket, and send them on their way with better knowledge.

Tell us about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc?: Playing Xbox. Mostly FPS and MMORPG.

Anything else you would like us to know?: I'm the Warehouse Lead at my job. I've been over people for a long time. This is nothing new to me.

December 09, 2023, 06:36:33 PM

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