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AllstarLegends Rules Allstarlegends Rules:
Forum and in-game account punishments:
Breaking a rule on the forums may result in a punishment of your in-game account.

In-Game Rules:Please read the indicated spoiler for more information regarding set rules

1. No trading AllstarLegends or Runescape accounts in any form.

2. No account sharing.
This includes but is not limited to sharing accounts with your brother/sister or any family member as well as your significant other.
It is allowed, however, to let a Trusted+ rank do the Jad minigame for you to obtain a fire cape.

3. No trading any currency for anything outside of Allstarlegends
This includes any form of buying items from players for real life currency, as well as trading items from OSRS or RS3 for any form of currency in Allstarlegends (Buying Donator Points is allowed, you may also donate OSRS and RS3 GP to boris on our donations page).

4. No spamming.
This includes any form of spamming anything continuously at home or over yell, using an auto typer is allowed but keep in mind to set your timer to a decent time frame as to not become spam like.

5. No hacking.
any form of hacking/stealing a players account information will result in a permanent ban from Allstarlegends.This includes but is not limited to the use of a keylogger, highjacking forum sessions or any form of third party program usage.

6. No scamming.
If you disobey the offered terms of a stake, such as whip only, it is considered scamming unless you specify and both players agree to any other rules. Stakes are to be assumed to be whip-only unless stated otherwise. Using VLS/Statius Warhammer, for example, is not allowed unless discussed and agreed upon by both players.
When transferring items, any act of scamming during this, is scamming and will not be tolerated. Transfers are to be completely safe with any player. If you lend a item, and the player does not return the item when asked, this is also scamming. Abide by the rules or your account will be terminated.

7. No bug abuse.
Bug abuse is classed as using any bug or glitch for personal gain in the form of exp, wealth, or points. This includes minion trapping of any form. Minion trapping includes any way used to prevent the minions from attacking you while you are attacking the boss, such as the use of objects or secondary accounts. Players seen abusing any bugs in game will receive a warning which could be followed by a fine. Continued abuse will lead to further fines and eventual termination to your account.

8. No player or staff impersonation.
This includes making any form of an account that is in direct relation to another members name whilst attempting to make fun of the player/staff member at the same time,It also includes declaring to other players that you are a member of the staff team to which you are not.

9. Obey staff.

10. No AFK training.
A lot of you have been asking if botting using third party software is against the rules.
It is ONLY against the rules if you are AFK during your time botting/macroing/autoclicking.
You are allowed to use a macro/autoclicker to automatically perform in-game actions assuming that you are present at the in-game screen.

AFK training
Training skills is prohibited on Allstarlegends if you are not present at the in-game screen (we call this AFK training).
It is not allowed to be AFK while your in-game character is fighting hostile npcs or is performing an action by means of a macro.

If you neglect these rules you will be faced with the following punishments:
1st offence: Jail until appeal.
2nd offence: Your account will be jailed until appeal and whichever stat you were caught AFKing will be reset.
3rd offence: Your account will be terminated until appeal and whichever stat you were caught AFKing will be reset.
4th offence: Permanent account termination.

A time limit may be applied. This is at the discretion of the staff member dealing the punishment and is dependent on severity, circumstances and co-operation.
Offenders are listed in the Botting Hall of Shame:,1535.0.html.

11. No Pk Point/Honor Point farming.
This includes asking people to fun fight you in wildy with give backs to be able to farm points continuously(if you wish to fun-fight someone please use ::funpk rather then wildy as you do not lose gear in ::funpk)any form of continuous pk point or honor point gains from unfair motives such as using a vpn to farm kills on alternate accounts to the stated above will result in a warning then should you continue your account will be temporarily banned.

12. No Advertising.
This includes but is not limited to any form of RSPS server announced in-game other then allstarlegends falls under this rule, in no way shape or form do we condone the usage of advertising other servers.

13. No offensive language.
Curse words and such are allowed, using them to deface or offend others however, is not. Any language with the intent to offend or harass will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of the situation you may be muted without warning.
This includes but is not limited to remarks based on:
Race, Religion, Gender, Sexuality, (Mental) Illnesses and Diseases, Cyberbullying, Family, and/or Appearance.

14. No punishment dodging.
If you are muted/ipmuted or banned/ipbanned you may continue to play on another account should you be muted or regular banned. if you use a VPN to create a new account because you have been ip-banned or ip-muted, you will face higher punishments.
Punishment dodging is only applicable to people who log on another account to dispute/carry on their wrongdoing.

15 No gambling at any location other than ::chill or ::chill2.

16. No ::funpk item farming.
this includes taking any account into funpk to continuous farm the drops whilst not participating in the activities that funpk entitles. should you be caught doing so, you will be warned to seize actions and should you persist will be jailed until appeal, should you continue after being jailed further actions will be taken.

17. No attacking any staff member in uniform (within the wilderness).

18. No leeching minigames (not participating and obtaining points).

19. No baiting.
No baiting classifies as attempting to get another player to make rude remarks(flame/flaming) in hopes of getting a rise out of them to spark an arguement of any kind.

20. Do not deviate from dicing guidelines
here, failure to abide by dicing rules is considered item scamming.

21. No emote taunting towards staff when punished (considered as flaming/taunting).

22. No using any other language than English over ::yell.

23. No dropping/giving away more than 2.5b to the public every 24 hours (unless confirmed with a staff member before performed).
Failure to abide by rule #23 may result in permanent account termination.
Prices of items are based off our price guide (::prices).


24. Players can lure but it's frowned upon. However Trusted members and staff members are not allowed to lure.
Luring as a trusted or staff member can result in losing there rank.

Forum Rules:

1. No advertising content not associated with Allstarlegends.
2. No flaming.
3. No disrespecting staff.
4. No inappropriate or irritating signatures, pictures, and text.
5. No spamming.
6. No bumping topics older than 2 months (pinned topics are exempt from this rule).
Regarding rule 6, this is 56 days (2 months).
7. No racism or vulgar behavior.
8. No posting under appeals/reports if it is not your topic (same goes with account recoveries).
9. No offensive language.
10. No bumping a topic within 24 hours of the last post.
11. No account appealing more than once every 24 hours.
12. No double posting (the posts being 24 hours of each other).
13. No baiting
14. No deleting your posts (such as modifying the post, selecting the entirety of the message, and backspacing all of it).
15. All topics, posts, must be in English (not doing so may result in a permanent mute).
16. Do not "Report to Moderator" unless it's a valid point. (Honest mistakes are welcome, but abusing the 'Report to Moderator' button will be considered spam.)

If you wish to delete a post, contact a Forum Staff Member.

Discord Rules:

1. No advertising content not associated with Allstarlegends.
2. No flaming.
3. No offensive language.
4. No spamming.
5. No appealing/reporting players.
6. No using any font/text/color other than the default.
7. No using any other language than English.

Note regarding both in-game, forum, and discord rules: Any perceived threat to break a listed rule may result in the punishment applicable to such rule.

Clarification regarding rules:

Any rule that is listed in the In-game section the indicated spoiler applies as well to forum and Discord guidelines

Breaking a rule may result in either a warning or a punishment. Punishments vary according to the nature of the offense. Repeat offenders will receive more severe punishments than people who haven't committed offenses before.

Staff Reports:
If a staff member abuses their powers or misbehaves, you should report this to us. Always make sure you have sufficient evidence of their wrongdoings (such as screenshots).
Players who falsely report staff members may receive a minor punishment for spam. Players who continuously make false staff reports may even receive a severe punishment.

Inappropriate names:
If you create an account with an inappropriate or offensive name, the account will be banned, no matter how long you've been playing on it. We may be willing to rename your account if you have been playing on it for a long time, but don't take that for granted.
Some things that are considered inappropriate: racism, vulgar words, references to genitalia, insulting/offending people or a group of people and anything else that can be considered as offensive or disturbing by other players. Translations of inappropriate words are also not allowed, no matter what language.

Rule bypassing:
There may be some things you can do which harms others but is not explicitly forbidden in the rules. Players found trying to abuse such 'loopholes' may find themselves punished as a result, depending on the severity of the offense.

As you may have noticed, bullying has been a disappointing growth in the community of Allstarlegends.
Any form of harassment with rule bypassing is a zero tolerance. Bullying can be crucial, as it is life threatening, and in most cases, depressing. Players performing this behavior will be dealt with quickly and punished.

Rule Appeals/Suggestions:
If you don't agree with a rule, please send a staff member a private message with proper reasoning and a within a respective matter.
Failure to do so will result in disrespect and/or spam.
If you would like to suggest a new rule, please do the same as appealing one.

- If the account you use is Banned/muted due to breaking any of the rules above you have a right to appeal. During the appeal process we will take into consideration the rule broken, your behaviour during your time as an appealer, and your behaviour before you were banned/muted.

December 21, 2021, 10:47:05 AM
Howdy Not sure if there’s gonna be a forum reset or however it’s all sorted because it’s only early days but I figured I would be nice to at least say gday

I used to go by Runecrafting way back when and had a more or less failed period as a developer because I can’t say I committed to it. Just being honest, I had multiple 200M skills and was working on the last handful after a short break but there was an ECO/ACC reset so I lost some drive. Before I knew it ASL left us and I’ve been waiting for the return since Elderscape (Sorry if that’s rude)

I come from mopar, frugoo, dodian, jsrii, jinrake, roguex, delta, battlescape, exorth, emps-scape & the wild west of silabsoft where RSPS sites were just a list of no-ip address and their online status.

Bit of a self proclaimed old dog, the community has always been so tight knit and lovely even for a lurker like myself so I look forward to maybe sharing progress in the future. Appreciate you guys/gals/thems & happy holidays

blj - James

December 22, 2021, 08:12:06 AM
Rank Descriptions Here will be a list of ALL the ranks that are in Allstarlegends.

These members have achieved the highest position in the staff team. Their job is not limited to a title (such as that of "Head of Staff"), they take forth all responsibility for the staff team, forums, and community. They're the Owner's right-hand man/gal. Administrators appropriately give ranks, update forums, conclude final staff decisions (including promotions and demotions), conclude support trials, and so on.

Developer/Technical Support
Members of this rank range from Developers/Coders to Forum Programmers, and so on. They're knowledgeable in a vast amount of programming. They assist with updates, client/server issues, forum updates, forum issues, and more. This rank is obtained only by speaking with Boris and providing proof of your talents, and dedicating your work for ASL.

Head Moderator - Head Moderator is like an Administrator's assistant. The Head Moderator overlooks all other staff reporting it to the Administrator(s). This user also looks over all pending applicants on the game & forums making sure they're fit for the job, and that they do not act out. Other than that, this rank is no different than that of a Global Moderator.

Global Moderator
Members of this rank moderate both the forums & server. They're experienced enough in each area to moderate both at once. They possess no greater benefits/power. Global Moderators, given the experience they have, teach up Forum and In-game Moderators to become a Global Moderator.

In-game Moderator
These members of staff moderate the server. They make sure things in-game run smoothly with no problems. They take care of all malicious acts & rule-breakers. They're known for acting swiftly & professionally. They help out all Supports and Trial Supports through their learning experiences, into one day being a moderator.

Forum Moderator
These members simply moderate the forums. They make sure all rule-breakers are dealt with, there are no spelling/grammatical errors, and that the most important of information is in easy access. This rank gives no benefits or rank in-game, this is purely forum-based. These members may, however, obtain Global Moderator through hard work perseverance in-game.

These are typically our newest additions to the staff team, and the lowest ranked position on the staff team. However, they are treated like any other rank; as staff. They have restricted commands, but enough to get the job done. These members of staff that possess this rank have no forum powers, they're purely server-based.

This rank is the highest rank achievable by members who are not part of the staff team. Members of this group are highly respected, helpful, and, well, trusted. They're given a special in-game rank, as well as a rank on the forums. They're given no special commands in-game whatsoever.

This rank is given to members who meet the one-year registration requirement. Members of this rank don't have any special commands or recognition in-game, this is a forum-based rank only.

This rank is given to members who meet the six-month registration requirement. Members of this rank don't have any special commands or recognition in-game, this is a forum-based rank only.

January 03, 2022, 10:32:23 AM
Allstarlegends full release! Allstarlegends is now in Open Beta! Everyone can play for free! Just download the client and login:
There is no date yet but on the full server release all account will be reset and donation points will be refunded.
May your new year be filled with joy, love, and happiness. You deserve it! Wishing you all a very happy new year 2023!

Edit: Allstarlegends has switched over from open beta to full release.

December 31, 2022, 11:41:09 AM
What 3 skills should get an exp boost? What 3 skills do you think should get an exp boost? Please vote on 3 skills that you think train the slowest.
January 23, 2023, 06:47:33 PM

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