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Tips For New Starters
Tips For New Starters

Please note, i do apolgise in advance for any spelling mistakes, i do struggle sometimes. If anyone can message me were i can improve that would be perfect thank you

Tip One ::train3

Train 3 is first place all new starters want to be, this because you can average 20m in under 10/15 minutes depending on how lucky you are. Mainly want to pick up two items being crystal bow being 5m and crystal shield being 2m. I would recommend picking up rune pieces, as this add upto another 1m/2m a inventory c:.
Doing this method can average about 70/100m an hour depending on droprate. Higher droprate you can average upto 150m an hour if lucky. Doing this for an hour or 2 will allow you to afford a whip costing around 100/150m

Average - 70/100m an hour

Dragon Axe
First of collect 300 of each log, this current moment of time oak logs are not needed. On completing 300 of each logs. teleport to woodcutting guild and trade all the logs in for a free dragon axe.

300 logs
300 willow
300 maple
300 yew
300 magic

Tip Two ::skilling

All skills can be profitable but skills like fishing is the most profitable. Mantas can average sell at 100 for 20/30m depending how long you wish to stand on them for. Sharks can sell for upto 100 to 10m/15m

Sharks = 76 Mantas = 91
Cooking for shark = 80 Cooking For Mantas = 94

You can use cooking as another way to make money, some people are lazy and don't want to cook them, so charge them for a cooking fee. This then leads into the tip down below

Average - 100m/300m an hour

Jobs For Money

This tip is for skillers, if you have most skills in high levels you can use this as an advantage but please be careful and don't under cut yourself with profit. Jobs for money its in the title, yell once in awhile that you are doing jobs for people.

Example == fishing jobs a player can hire you to fish for them, eg a player needs 2k mantas and 1k sharks on completing this job you will receive money. For this kind of job you would ask for around 500m/600m depending on the conversation you have with the player.

Example == Woodcutting, most people want to max. Yet if they are rich they will just pay someone to collect all the logs

Need any help don't be afraid to message Ryan in-game for help with prices

Average - 500m/1b an hour

January 30, 2023, 04:27:59 AM
Ryan - Trusted Application Name: Ryan

In-game Username: Ryan

Forum Username: King Ryan

Age: 22

Who invited you to apply?: Jesus all beautiful god of the server said to apply for trusted via staff application.

Timezone (GMT +/-): Uk isn't really GMT zone, but i'm england timezone.

Country: England

Main language: English

Do you speak any other languages fluently? If so which?: N/A

What days of the week, and times of day are you most active?: Current moment of time, i am active most days but this will change later down the road. Once returning back to work which will be in the next week or to. Going of this change i will active Monday to Friday (5 hours to 8 max) then most active on weekends (12 to 15 hours)

Roughly how many hours a week are you online?: Currently 5/24 hours, as stated above on change it will drop to 5/12 hours depending on weekday and weekend.

Have you had any breaks from playing since joining the server? If so, why did you leave, and why did you come back?: I've never really had a off period from the server,  this could happen on weekends if i choose to do overtime as i may want a break for a day or 2 but i don't plan on leaving for any period time in the future but will pop on for 30 minutes to an hour.

Do you plan on having any further breaks in the near future?: Answered this question above, i do not plan on having a break

Do you have any previous experience with Staff/Ranks? (Do not mention server names): I co-owned a semi osrs server once before but my main strong suite has always been working as a server event manager. Running events to keep the server fresh and keeps new players interest in staying and coming back weekly for events. However with being a co-owner i worked more on peoples accounts and constantly checking for weird trading patterns which indicated mulling/rwt or even just hacking of accounts and storing loot as well managing a staff team.

If answered yes, do you still maintain these ranks? If not, why do you not have these ranks anymore? Sadly i stepped down from most of my jobs due to focusing on irl and leaving the rsps scene but some reason they keep pulling be back every time. I still keep in contact with my pass staff but i do not intend on returning to the server they own.

Have you ever been staff on this server? N/A

If so, why do you not have this rank anymore? N/A

Why do you deserve this rank?:
Reason i believe i deserve this rank is i bring a different personality then most people, when i want something i will work for it and get it done in a clean and orderly fashion. Always been a person to want to help people and push them to complete anything they want to achieve just brings me happiness to see other people strive. I get along with most people, i say most because i haven't spoken with everyone on the server. New players joining i aim to push them on the right path, tell them check out my guide on the forums aswell making sure they ask me if they need any help. Also like building relationships with people on the server and that is something that's make me come back everyday and log on and play, is the community and the relationships i build and i want build more and watch the server grow well being apart of it.

What do you believe is the responsibility of a staff member? The staff team responsibility of it self, we all have to work together and push each other to keep the server happy and the community happy to keep playing. Main fact of a staff team. Is to keep people in order but in a fair and correct manner meaning giving the person who maybe causing problems, A certain amount of warnings or before a warning working with that player to figure out what is going on, as you should really hear both sides of the story before punishing players. However i will make another point on this responsibility point isn't about stopping racism,hate speech,flamming and so its about building a relationships with the server. A staff which provides amazing relationships with its players base is what keeps people coming back as well keeping the community safe.

Have you ever been punished in any way in-game or on the forum?: N/A

If answered yes to above, what did you do?:

If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to not only play, but to engage in Staff responsibilities in-game/forum?:

I would take both in-game and forums and devote the same amount of hours, i wouldn't just devote my time in one area but in both. As both are as equally important.

Are you accessible outside of game/forums if necessary? (Discord): Discord is installed on my phone, i open it once a day and will never be hard to get in contact with due to the fact i will go on discord and have a cheeky look at work once in awhile..

Answer these questions as in depth as possible, assuming the player continued the action regardless of what you said.

What would you do if someone was using offensive language?
Offensive language isn't always bad depending how it is used, if used in a joke way i wouldn't aim to push a punishment towards to the players. If this players was constantly use offensive language i would slide them a Pm to try and relax on the language again this upto them. Know if this player was pushing and being offensive towards a staff member or normal players, i would ask them to calm down and relax on the situation. On pushing forward and the players hasn't calmed down i will give them a first warning. Now lets say this player has hit second warning depending on my staff level depends on my plan of action. If i'm a mod i would aim to mute on spot, and talk to a head staff above me to make sure this was the correct move. If i was a support/helper i would ask a superior above to make sure my mute is the correction action before pushing the mute, unless the person was going far and beyond i will mute on spot.

What would you do if you came across someone that appeared to be AFK training?
I would first watch them for a little bit before i decide my route, if i'm true to believe i would try teleport the player away from the afk spot and see if this player is cheating i would then go ::jail and give the player 1 warning on afk training as this is a unfair advantage. However if this goes further of the player is responding i still aspect afk training, i would leave player for couple of minutes and jail him to see the final reaction of if he is afk or not. This will then lead to a apology or ::jail and warning.

What would you do if a player did not pay out when dicing?
Depending on my rank or action, seeing as i will be under admin, i would have jail the player. Depending if player would be okay paying his dice out i may consider giving the player a second chance. As everyone can make mistakes but as well as ask all staff team to keep an eye on this player when dicing or when playing.  However if player doesn't want to give up winnings i would then lead to message owner or co-owner to retrieve items and they will decide what will be done. Aslong as player is in jail they can do the next step to retrieving item or items

What would you do if someone asked you to buy RS gp from them?
I wouldn't really know about this, as i cant see it being a bad thing? if its not effecting the games eco or real world trading any items from the game. I don't see this as a dangerous outcome as its a player selling gold on legal runescape game for irl life money, leaving asl out of the mix. If leading to ruin of eco or buying asl gold whole different story ban on both players and no warning given.

On my first bit if this is not allowed, please could i be informed and i would follow the rules. This first time ive been asked this question on applying and im not 100% sure.

What would you do if someone was posting rude comments on forums?
I would aim to remove all rude comments on the forums, as well is forums has ability to give a player a cool down or time out period then i would to use that immediately. Then message that playing saying you have been given a warning for rude comments, please refrain from doing this again as this could lead to further actions or another warning.

What would you do if a player logged on a different account to argue their punishment with you?
I would gladly mute them and tell to please message a higher staff on discord or forums as well telling them to create an appeal on the forum to fight against the claim they have offered. But since they have broken the punishment from logging on a knew account i would have to push towards a further punishment before this i would aim to message boris or jesus make sure my actions are correct.

What would you do if player logged in with a questionably offensive or rule breaking name?
depending on the offense and name, depends on my action. If rude but funny i would  aim to ask a higher up to say is this name acceptable on the server. From doing this they will be left to the higher staff.  If the name is highly defensive i will instantly ask the player to log off or the account will muted n jailed and i will push this to jesus or boris and they will lead with final decision of banning.

What would you do if someone messaged you claiming to be flamed by a player?
I would have to ask for proof before believing the player, due to the fact everyone is innocent till proven guilty. If proven correct i would message the player and lead with a warning and if continue a timed mute for the account. If player has no proof i would pm both of them private and just say leave each other alone and just move on with your day. Obv the accused flaming person i would speak in a calm manner and ask if this true, following i would reply. i don't know what has happened just be friendly with everyone and enjoy your time on asl.

What would you do if a player accused you of abuse or breaking a rule?
I would ask him to post a report forum and i would also go ahead and speak with boris/jesus to make if my action were correct or abusing of rules. Depending on what they say depends on my outcome. But i would aim never abuse or break a rule.

What would you do if a player accused another of scamming for underpaying or taking advantage of another player? I would have to ask for proof, if proof is not given i would have to say sadly i can't not do anything but watch the player and report him to staff team about what he has been reported for and if leading to player being a scam. I would of have him written down the scammed player to turn back to if this player has been proven of scamming and underpaying and to make sure he is payed what he is owed back correct. If this player can provide proof i will then lead straight to a ban and the person would have to appeal for the second chance of returning as scamming is not allowed.

Tell us about yourself, hobbies, things you enjoy doing etc?:

I enjoy coding, i own a business repair laptops/pc as well as building them. I average 20 customers every 2 weeks, more about me as i said i code. I'm also developing my own mmrpg from the start. Kind of like runescape/wow/albion and so on. its a big project but i am aiming to be done by 2024/2025. Also huskies are the best doggos in the world. Im very average, i love computers and just playing games. So yeh basic 2000 gaming nerd.

Anything else you would like us to know?:
Huskies are bae

January 31, 2023, 01:42:15 AM

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