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Monk Here! What a fantastic day to see Allstarlegends back. I remember playing this server AGES ago.. but only briefly! My friend mentioned it has returned and after watching some old content I am ecstatic!

Hopefully a re-release will do this server justice and bring back this old community and we will prevail!

See you in-game, whenever that may be.  :)

December 20, 2021, 10:13:59 PM
Re: Howdy
Not sure if there’s gonna be a forum reset or however it’s all sorted because it’s only early days but I figured I would be nice to at least say gday

I used to go by Runecrafting way back when and had a more or less failed period as a developer because I can’t say I committed to it. Just being honest, I had multiple 200M skills and was working on the last handful after a short break but there was an ECO/ACC reset so I lost some drive. Before I knew it ASL left us and I’ve been waiting for the return since Elderscape (Sorry if that’s rude)

I come from mopar, frugoo, dodian, jsrii, jinrake, roguex, delta, battlescape, exorth, emps-scape & the wild west of silabsoft where RSPS sites were just a list of no-ip address and their online status.

Bit of a self proclaimed old dog, the community has always been so tight knit and lovely even for a lurker like myself so I look forward to maybe sharing progress in the future. Appreciate you guys/gals/thems & happy holidays

blj - James

Welcome back James!

I too come from Dodian, Emps-Scape, Exorth.. those were the days! ASL really cherished some of their features back then and is the reason why I've returned. I'm hoping this brings back the nostalgia I've been craving!

Happy holidays

December 23, 2021, 05:06:04 PM
Re: Merry Christmas Allstarlegends! Merry Christmas ASL community!!  ;D

P.S. LOVE the forums theme!

December 24, 2021, 06:25:26 PM

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