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June 08, 2019, 09:15:58 PM by Boris
Views: 11504 | Comments: 0

-We now have an automatic double exp weekend that activates on Friday and disables monday.

-The droprate donation perks have been added to trusted and staff ranks also if they have donated.
Donators get 5% improved rare droprate and Extreme Donator 15%.

-Donation page info has been updated:
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-The voting links have been updated. A few links deleted that didn't give us much traffic.
The 3 best links with most traffic generated will give 2 vote points instead of 1 now.
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-The hunter npc spawns have been added back to ::hunter (Where removed on accident a few months ago.)
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April 11, 2019, 07:19:48 PM by Setis🌚 | Views: 15942 | Comments: 4

Hey guys it is with a heavy heart that i decide to resign as a developer here. i genuinely don’t feel that my opinions are mattering and the time and thought process behind things i plan out to do constantly being called stupid and brad basically running the show with me having little to no involvement in the past 3-4 updates due to waiting on files/purchasing a new laptop/work and home life. The time i do spend here trying to work on things but then constantly getting shutdown has made it very hard to want to do anything content wise here anymore. i still wish to see you all ingame but this is unfortunately where it comes to an end for me in terms of java development. I no longer wish to work with someone who’s mindset is “his way or the highway” i hope you all enjoy the content brad has to come and will still see you all around. Cheers:setis
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